This Boy, Right Here...He's All That And A Bag Of Chips!

Titus is in 5th grade and has been preparing rigorously for his first communion at Grace Lutheran Church in Visalia, CA. His calm demeanor and sweet little face made this session a real treat for me. We had a good visit during his session and I asked him his favorite book in the Bible. He told me, and I should have known, it was TITUS. Such a clever young man, he had some small details for me to find as I was processing his session. While zooming in on some of his images I noticed that he had his Bible open to the Book of Titus. I've known Titus for a few years now. I've also taught him swim lessons. His mother was in my 5th grade class when I taught at Sundale and he is as sweet and respectful as she was at that age. Truly, a dream session for me!