Investment & Process

You deserve the best when it comes to your having a portrait session. My session fee includes a pre-session consultation, abundant communications well as your time in front of the camera, top-notch curation of images and an in-person gallery reveal and order session. You will have the opportunity to purchase from a boutique list or choose from collections of products preselected for you.


Do you suggest locations for sessions or do I need to come up with a place to take photos?

I definitely have ideas for your session and I will go over them with you in our consultation. I am open to your ideas and vision, as well. Great sessions are the result of teamwork.

I don't know how to pose or what to wear and it makes me nervous. Do you help with these worries?

We will go over wardrobe suggestions in our consultation and via a shared Pinterest page for your session if that interests you. During your session I will give slight directions and prompts to help you feel at ease. You don't have to be a supermodel. Actually, the more natural you are, the better your images will be and I will allow time and space for you to shine.

My little one is active and I don't know if we can get them to be still for photos. How do you handle this?

No worries! I've got this! I have a ton of experience with little ones and I allow for movement and individuality. There will be times they may be still for a moment and I'll capture it. There may be times when they are on the go and I will capture that, too. You will be happy to see authentic, personality-driven images of your little one.

How does the process work?


We will get together and discuss your portrait session. We will talk about location, timing, what to wear, and what to bring. This is also where I will learn about your "why" for your session. I want to be sure I create an experience you will love.

Portrait Session

Get ready for an stress-free time where we will let the session unfold naturally. I will capture beautiful images while you basically just be..YOU. We can take breaks if needed, move around, giggle or take deep breaths...whatever we need.

Order Session

Come back to the office for some refreshments and we will view your images. You will have printed proof photos to help you choose your very most favorites. I will then help you with placing your order for prints, books, or other art pieces.


I will deliver your order to you. This is a very exciting time for me! I am so thrilled when I get to hand over your finished products! Your images may be used in my marketing, where I like to boast about having the best clientele, but not until you have them in your hands.

QUANTUM Cloud cards to view and download your gallery

Ready to get started?

01 / 03

Handmade wood folio boxes for your session favorites

Ready to get started?

02 / 03

Hardcover books for displaying and viewing your session

Ready to get started?

03 / 03